Venue Draping

Venue Draping Adding beautiful draping to your wedding reception or the backdrop of your ceremony site enhances the space considerably.  Often, draping is done in a starburst design, such as in the image to the left, but there are many other styles that can be done at different venues, such as in the images below: […]

Outdoor Living Spaces

image of porch with white furniture and orange accents

Outdoor Living Spaces Inviting outdoor living spaces have become popular in recent years. And with good reason! Outdoor living spaces increase your overall living space because you’re no longer confined within your four walls. You’re able to relax in the fresh air and take in the sights and sounds of your property. They’re also so […]

Window Solutions

Window Solutions Do you have a window in your house that is a bit of a problem? You know it needs some kind of window treatment, but you don’t know where to start? There are a variety of solutions for any window but you have to first identify the “problem.” Step back and decide what […]

Recover or Buy New?

RECOVER OR BUY NEW Choosing to reupholster a piece of furniture can revitalize the piece and give the room a new look. Unfortunately, many couches and chairs made today are not worth reupholstering.  In many cases, you are better off to just go buy a new piece. If you are trying to decide, ask yourself […]

Choosing Fabrics to Recover Furniture

CHOOSING FABRICS TO RECOVER FURNITURE Thinking of breathing new life into an heirloom piece? Or, did you find a diamond in the rough that needs some TLC? Here are some upholstery fabric “basics” that you should know before you go shopping. furniture use Consider what you’ll be doing with or where you will put the […]