The Bustle

The Bustle The long train flowing behind your wedding gown will look beautiful as you walk down the aisle.  However, at the reception, it would be close to impossible to dance with the train, so we design what is called a bustle.  Typically, under the train there is a satin ribbon loop.  This is not […]

Your Final Fitting: What to Expect

Your Final Fitting: What To Expect You made it! Your wedding is a week or two away and you are headed in for your final fitting. This is a great time to bring your jewelry and veil to see everything together.  Don’t forget your undergarments, shoes and final payment.  If you are having LHB deliver your […]

Your First Fitting: What to Expect

YOUR FIRST FITTING: WHAT TO EXPECT Congratulations on your engagement and the arrival of your dream dress! Right now your gown doesn’t fit well; in fact, it may be way too big or too small.  Don’t worry — making it fit just right is our job. You get to enjoy the process and leave fussing over your gown to […]